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The Serpentine Dish is part of the artistic collaboration ‘Nothing Grows in a Straight Line’ between Helle Mardahl & Elhanati made exclusively for MATCHESFASHION. Inspired by the organic and unpredictable shape of glass as a natural material, the serpentine dish is a soft and wavy surface for your most treasured jewellery. Embedded with three small rocks plated with 24 karat gold, the dish becomes a treasure itself. 
Each object is handmade, and part of a limited-edition collection.

Please note that each product is handmade and unique, so the shape and color may differ slightly from the one pictured. Furthermore small magical  bubbles may appear.

– approx. 9 cm. dia.

Care guide
Helle Mardahl products are not dishwasher friendly. All products should be washed by hand in lukewarm water with a little detergent and wiped dry afterwards to avoid water stains.

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