All the candy

Welcome to our online candy store.

A virtual space created to stimulate your eyes and your taste buds. Dive into our colourful collection of sugary sweets made of glossy glass. Each of the colours from our collection represent a taste; a freshly picked cherry, a pink bubblegum and the first plum of the season. Each of our unique candy objects are handmade with love and care just for you

Bon Appétit.

  • The Mardahl PostcardsThe Mardahl Postcards
    The Mardahl Postcards

    Combo of Six


  • The Mardahl Tote bagThe Mardahl Tote bag
    The Mardahl Tote bag



  • The Mardahl CapThe Mardahl Cap
    The Mardahl Cap

    Banana & Dark Cherry


  • The Basin
    The Basin

    Mint ~ Popcorn ~ Mint


  • The Stand
    The Stand

    Grapefruit ~ Cappucino Punch ~ Rhubarb


  • The Cup Medi - set of twoThe Cup Medi - set of two
    The Cup Medi - set of two

    Caramel Apple ~ Blueberry Ice Cream + Almond ~ Berry


  • Bon Bon DecanterBon Bon Decanter
  • Bon Bon DecanterBon Bon Decanter
  • Bon Bon Decanter