The Story of The Grand Suite

The installation is an open door into a parallel world of secrets and untold stories. A mysterious space that celebrates the beauty of solitude through enchanting lights, shadows and sounds. The exhibition invites you to experience the life of a traveler - an adventurous woman residing in the most luxurious grand suite. Treated like the queen of the castle, she enjoys her privacy yet desires company.

It is a project where the boundaries between design and scenography blur. The apartment becomes a scene where one's imagination runs wild and where fiction becomes reality.

The Grand Suite offers a brief stay before the traveler resumes the journey - a temporary escape from reality and the passage of time. As a memento of the space, the place, the memory, and the people, the traveler always brings a souvenir back with her. An eternal embodiment of a memory.


Continuing the story of the traveler, Helle Mardahl presents an exhibition and a pop-up souvenir shop at Design Museum Danmark. Through this installation, the traveler delves into the celebration of sublime craftsmanship, and the delicate and sophisticated dance between the artisan, the designer, and the glass.

After ending the visit by the souvenir shop, the traveler finds the perfect souvenir to encapsulate the journey.

This installation is a creative project designed and executed by Helle Mardahl Studio in collaboration with Design Musem Danmark and Holmegaard Værk.

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Bredgade 68
1260 Copenhagen