The Glass
The Glass

The Glass

Color: Bubblegum


With its organic contours and delightful sorbet hues, the Glass is a vibrant enhancement to daily life. Meticulously mouth-blown by talented artisans, this glass is intended for both admiration and functional use. Whether used as a drinking glass, a decorative object, or a glossy container for personal items, it adds colour and personality to various aspects of daily living. 

Please note that each product is handmade and unique, so the shape and color may differ slightly from the one pictured. Furthermore small magical  bubbles may appear.

– 11 cm. high
– 8 cm. width

Care guide
Helle Mardahl products are not dishwasher friendly. All products should be washed by hand in lukewarm water with a little detergent and wiped dry afterwards to avoid water stains.

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