Who run the world? GIRLS

beautiful sketches mixed with glass objects and Helle Mardahl

In honour of the importance of women and our rights, I wanted to do something special on March 8th. This exact day, ‘International Women’s Day’, marks the focal point of women’s rights. It has become an international celebration of womanhood.

As I have a team of talented women working by my side everyday, I found it relevant to reflect and focus on the role of women in our current society – how far we’ve come and the road ahead. I want to celebrate and highlight differences and similarities, strengths and weaknesses, perfection and flaws – what makes each of us women unique. First and foremost, I am going to focus on my everyday heroes, our team members. 


My team asked me to lead by example, so they asked me a few questions on womanhood and female power.

beautiful sketches mixed with glass objects and Helle Mardahl
beautiful sketches mixed with glass objects

What’s it like to have a talented team of women working for you?

“It is as my collection – it’s beautiful, colorful, crazy, dynamic, sensitive, soft and sensuous. There are a lot of nuances, which to me is empowering. We have an environment filled with passion and respect for each other and for our mission. I love going to work, I adore my team, I treasure my life”


How do you feel that the gender equality debate has changed?

“Look around you. Women are checking in! All over the world. Looking from where I am standing, thinking back I’ve definitely seen change as well as felt it. But I have never felt the challenge of believing in my dream. Of course I have met resistance and clichés, but that hasn’t kept me from going on. I am a woman and I am proud. Proud to do what I love, with women I admire in a world where women take a stand. As a woman, I feel very privileged to be living in a society where gender equality is so evolved. It’s not a given everywhere in the world, and there’s still a long road ahead for many women around the world. Stay positive and use your voices to require change.

Helle Mardahl with a lot of Bonbonniere tops
Letters written on glass

If you could give one advice to women out there, what would it be? 

“Be you, show respect, take responsibility. Claim your stage.
I can’t wait to chear you on.”