Christmas Baubles

Bubblegum, Caramel Apple & Mint


Inspired by the organic and imperfect shape of her pendant lamps, the Christmas baubles by Helle Mardahl are colourful & glossy decorations on any Christmas tree. A reinterpretation of classic Christmas baubles, but with a fresh, and vibrant appearance – to match Helle Mardahl’s candy universe.

“Christmas decorations are special objects that carry so much tradition, cherished memories, and a great portion of sentimental value. There’s a certain excitement every year when finding your hidden Christmas decorations box – filled with heirlooms from your grandmother and new favorite additions to the collection bought last year. Collector’s objects, which bring joy year after year”
– Helle Mardahl.

The Christmas Baubles by Helle Mardahl come in an indulgent box of three pastel nuanced baubles. The collection will come out annually in limited stock.


– 28 cm. length
– 7 cm. width

Care guide

Before hanging your Bon Bon Baubles on the Christmas tree, make sure that the bracket is lifted properly. To do so, simply hold the bauble in one hand while pulling the string with the other hand. – Voila.

Availability: 366 in stock