Cocktail Cream Tea

A cocktail glass and a cake on a cake stand in plum

As a celebration of the quintessential British tradition ‘Afternoon Tea’, Helle Mardahl’s latest collection ‘Cocktail Cream Tea’ creates an experience of indulgence, amusement and liveliness – a sense of wonder with every sip, a delicate twist to a classic serving.

As an extension of Helle Mardahl’s candy univers, the Cocktail Cream Tea collection combines art and functionality turning glass into organically shaped tableware. With Cocktail Cream Tea, Helle Mardahl invites you to enjoy a delicious serving from cocktail glasses, plates to espresso and tea cups by Helle Mardahl.

“I really adore the British concept of a traditional Cocktail Cream Tea and being married with an amazing British man, the tradition and culture has become very dear to my heart. With my new collection I wish to embody the feeling of a luxurious afternoon tea but with a twist. It’s a modern interpretation and a playful celebration of loving gatherings and cherished conversations.”
– Helle Mardahl.

The Cocktail Cream Tea collection introduces a delicious array of new, indulgent colours that stimulates both eyes and tastebuds.

A cocktail glass with ice cream and blackberries
A cocktail glass with ice cream and blackberries

Each design and every part of the collection is made by hand with precision and care – from glass to brass details to assembly of the lamp. Countless individual steps are required for every single product before being ready. Every piece is a one-off and signed by Helle Mardahl. This makes every Helle Mardahl design truly unique.

“It has always been a dream of mine to create my own sweetshop, an exclusive and sophisticated one. My Candy Collection is filled with possibilities engaging all senses. I wish for a sight to behold and cherish, where every piece is unique and one-off.
I am creating my dream, as I go along.”
– Helle Mardahl. 

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A cherry that splashes into a cocktail surrounded by glass products
A cake with flowers on a plum cake stand
A hot cup of tea