Meet our bon bon family: Sandra Vinther

Sandra Vinther with a strawberry cake

As my team members are such huge and important parts of my world, I wanted to introduce each of the talented women to you – my everyday heroes, my Bon Bon Family. I want to celebrate and highlight their differences and similarities, strengths and vulnerabilities, perfections and imperfections – what makes each of them truly unique. 

The time has now come for me to introduce to you my partner in crime,
co-owner and Commercial Director of Helle Mardahl Studio, Sandra Vinther. She’s the one that keeps track of the numbers, she’s very good with people and she’s the one that keeps this ship afloat. I asked her a few questions for you to get to know her better.

Sandra Vinther with a lot of papers
papers jn the air

What made you fall in love with this colorful universe?
How is it possible not to!?! To me it is in inevitably. You can’t fight it, just go with it 😉 

The two of us recently became business partners, which is so exciting.
How do you think we complement each other as a team?
It’s been a 3-year dating process of getting to know each other. It has been real, a lot of fun and so important. Today I can call you my work wife, the one and only. We think alike, and we are very committed in creating an amazing everyday life and a visionary company with great people. I do mine, you do yours, we just work! It is as simple as that. I feel very priviliged. 

strawberry cake

What would you describe as your most important strength? 
I am passionate! If it feels right, I will go far.  

How do you translate your passion into an advantage at work? 
I am a doer. But I do it with love and respect for my profession, my talented team and our vision.  I really care about what I do, and that pushes me to do my absolute best every day. 

Being surrounded by colours everyday, how would you choose to colour your way through the world? 
With rainbows and unicorns. My daughter would love that. 

Sandra Vinther eating strawberry cake

Entering the glass world of Helle Mardahl, what stands out? 
That dreams are possible. Thinking back when it all began – one lamp, one pattern, one way. Now it’s been 3 years, 3 collections and so many possibilities  <3 The Candy Collection has manifested itself. It has defined a certain style. Today we have collectors all over the world and we feel we have only just begun. 

On that note, what’s your favourite piece of candy? 
I am a cake girl!!! When I see a piece of strawberry cake, I really can’t control myself. Especially when it’s presented on the Bon Bon Cake stand and served on a Bon Bon plate.