Meet our bon bon family: Marissa Brorson

As my team members are such huge and important parts of my world, I wanted to introduce each of the talented women to you – my everyday heroes, my Bon Bon Family. I want to celebrate and highlight their differences and similarities, strengths and vulnerabilities, perfections and imperfections – what makes each of them truly unique. 

Next up is our dear Marissa. She’s been part of our team for a little under a year, and I’m so in awe of how she does her job so very well. As Sandra’s right hand, Marissa is the one constantly in dialogue with our retailers and costumers. She’s the youngest member of our team, but the one that’s best at keeping calm in hectic situations. Every challenge we’ve handed to her, she’s handled with grace and excellence. I’m so happy to introduce to you Marissa Brorson.

What made you fall in love with this colorful universe?  
Everything. From the very beginning, I was intrigued by all the beautiful colours which is, without doubt, the most essential part of Helle’s universe. Being constantly surrounded by colours makes each day lighter and happier. It’s truly a joy going to work in such an inspiring environment, and I feel grateful every single day. Being a part of a growing business such as Helle Mardahl makes everything a little more interesting – it’s such an interesting journey which I’m honoured to be part of. 

What would you describe as your most important strength? 
My most important strength is having the ability to keep my head steady and keep the cold overview. I think it’s my most valued strength when having so many things going on at the same time. It is a strength which has helped me grow and I think it is where I help my colleagues the most. 

What does colour mean to you personally?
I’m probably a classic Scandinavian when it comes to my use of colors. I like earthy, neutral colors which is also reflected in the way I dress and the way I decorate my home. The way I choose to integrate colour in my home is for example by placing a cute, glossy & colourful Bonbonniere on the coffee table by the couch. Everyone is drawn to it and I feel as if it’s the artistic centerpiece of the home.

Entering the glass world of Helle Mardahl, what stands out? 
Ever since I first started my journey at Helle Mardahl, I have been fascinated with the Bon Bon Massive. It is a statement and a beautiful piece of art, both when it stands on its own and together with all of our other beautiful glass pieces. 

On that note, what’s your favourite piece of candy? 
I do not have one favorite piece. I simply can’t choose. But I love love love the Bonbonniere Honey & Pink. It’s just a real classic. With this said I also love our earthy colors, a perfect color combination of products for me would be the Bon Bon Medi Caramel Apple & Plum as well as the Bon Bon Mega Milky Rose & Caramel Apple.