A Christmas Tale by Helle Mardahl

Christmas dinner with cake, berries and cocktails

Dear friends, 

With the turbulent and unpredictable year of 2020 coming to an end, Christmas is, more than ever, a long awaited highligt of memories, traditions, love, gatherings & selflessness. 

As a celebration of all the things I adore about Christmas, I have created the photo series
‘A Christmas Tale by Helle Mardahl’. 

Danish æbleskive on a purple spoon
Danish æbleskive with sugar on a red plate

To me, Christmas is all about family, cooking great food from my grandmother’s recipes, passing on traditions to my boys & to create the best memories. 

I’ve written down some of my favourite Danish Christmas recipes that I’ll share with you on my instagram

Bon Appetit & Merry Christmas.

Christmas dinner with cake and glass tableware
Danish Æbleskiver on a Caramel Apple plate with jam
Dansih Gløgg in a Bon Bon Tea Cup in Bubblegum